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A0061: Clinical validation of optimized neural network risk models to predict grade group 2 and above prostate cancer and avoid unneeded biopsies

Dr. A. (Adam) Kinnaird
Paproski R.J1, Pink D.B1, Pham D.1, Vasquez C.1, Fairey A.2, Hyndman M.E.3, Aprikian A.4, Kinnaird A.5, Beatty P.H1, Pavlovich C.6, Lewis J.D.7
1Nanostics, Dept. of Precision Health, Edmonton, Canada, 2University of Alberta, Dianne and Irving Kipnes Urology Centre, Dept. of Surgery, Edmonton, Canada, 3University of Calgary, Dept. of Surgical Oncology, Prostate Cancer Centre, Calgary, Canada, 4McGill University, Dept. of Surgery, Montreal, Canada, 5University of Alberta, Surgery, Edmonton, Canada, 6Johns Hopkins University, Urology and The James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute, Baltimore, United States of America, 7University of Alberta, Dept. of Oncology, Edmonton, Canada
38th Annual EAU Congress
Date – Time - Location
10 March 2023, 15:15 - 16:45, Yellow Area, Amber 3
Abstract Session 04 - Prostate cancer biopsy indication: Added value of PET or Micro-US and markers
Prostate Cancer, localised - Diagnosis, Markers
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