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591: Comparison between nanotechnology structured water (magnalife) and tadalafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

A.K. Sami, Sulaymany (IQ)
Sami A.K. 1 , Alshimmre R. 2 , Moudhaffer Alkhalidi I. 3 , Jasim Alzaidy O. 4
1University of Sulaimani, Dept. of Urology, Sulaimani, Iraq, 2Ghazi Alhariri Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Baghdad, Iraq, 3University of Baghdad, Dept. of Urology, Baghdad, Iraq, 4Baaquba teaching hospital, Dept. of Urology, Baaquba, Iraq, 5
33rd Annual EAU Congress Copenhagen
Date – time - Location
18 March 2018, 14:00 - 15:30, Green Area, Room 1 (Level 0)
Poster Session 43 - Whats new from the bench: Treating or preventing LUTS
Sexual dysfunction and andrology: Diagnosis and treatment

Introduction & Objectives

Erectile dysfunction affects more than one-third of men and its prevalence increases with age especially in men over 40 years. Nanotechnology structured water (magnalife) is a new type of water that is prepared using different types of energy fields and modulators to produce this nanotechnology structured water that has new and different characteristics from the ordinary water. In this study, we compared the efficacy of the nano-water (magnalife) with tadalafil, and with ordinary bottled water in the treatment of ED.

Materials & Methods

For a period of 3 months, 271 men with ED were included in this clinical study and were followed for 3 months. Inclusion criteria were diagnosed ED for at least 6 months with no contraindications for tadalafil and with no anatomical abnormalities as a cause of ED. Those men were randomly divided into three groups. Group A, given nanotechnology structured water (magnalife) daily dose of 20ml/Kg body weight, group B given daily dose of tadalafil 5mg, and group C given ordinary bottled water 20ml/Kg. Baseline data were recorded for all of the ED patients at the beginning before taking the given drink or medication. Also the data were taken at the end of the three months. The water bottles were unlabeled. The assessment of the ED degree and the success of treatment was done by International Index of Erectile Function–Erectile Function (IIEF-EF) domain (questions 1-5, and question 15), Sexual Encounter Profile question1 (SEP1) and (SEP2) and Global Assessment Question 1 (GAQ1) and (GAQ2) related to erectile function.


In this study, 262 men of the 271 patients were followed for 3 months (9 men dropped out of the study because of different reasons). The remaining men were followed 87 in group A, 90 in group B, and 85 in group C. Patients, in group A (magnalife) had statistically significant improvements in IIEF-EF from 14.39 to 22.64(P <0.001), positive response to SEP1 increased from 62% to 83%(P <0.001), also positive response to SEP2 improved from 35% to 77%(P<0.001), also the GAQ1 was 85% (P <0.001) and GAQ2 was 79%(P <0.001). While group B (tadalafil), showed statistically significant improvements in IIEF-EF from 13.89 to 27.38(P<0.001), SEP1 improved from 60 % to 89%(p<0.001) and SEP2 from 37% to 85%(P<0.001), also GAQ1 was 91% (P<0.001) and GAQ2 was 84% (P<0.001). But Group C (ordinary bottled water) showed statistically non significant changes in IIEF-EF from 13.58 to 14.95 (P=0.021) and SEP1 from 65% to 64% (P=0.021) and SEP2 from 33 % to 35%(P=0.0215), also GAQ1was 16% and GAQ2 was 13%.


Nanotechnology structured water (magnalife) is a novel way to treat ED patients without the need for expensive medications with no side effects, and no contraindications for use in patients with cardiovascular diseases. It offers a reasonable and safe way to treat ED. It shows results which are nearly similar to tadalafil treatment.